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Black Student Organization Executive Board

Below is a list of positions and their responsibilities per the BSO Constitution.


The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Organization. He/She shall chair all meetings of the Executive Board and General Assembly, create meeting agendas and keep meetings on time. He/She will serve as an ex-official member of all standing committees. The President shall also be the chief spokesperson for the Organization and shall represent the Organization in relations with other professional and educational organizations, foundations, and businesses. He/She will maintain all email accounts, and serve as the chief contact with outside/diversity organization groups. He/She whom serves as President shall not hold another presidential position within any other UNLV student organization.


The Vice President shall assist the President in the execution of his/her duties. In the event of absence of the President, the Vice President shall be awarded the power to perform all of his/her duties. The Vice-President shall also serve as the Organization’s special (collaborative) events coordinator. In order to properly execute the responsibilities of his or her position, the President and Vice-President shall be empowered to create committees to assist in the completion of projects and/or tasks under their jurisdiction. He/She will aide in maintaining all email accounts. It is the Vice President’s responsibility to complete and submit the CSUN recognized student organization application (annually in the Fall semester).

Operations Director

The Operations Director shall be the chief operations officer of the Organization. The Operations Director shall be responsible for website development, liability waivers, food waivers, community requests, room equipment and room reservations. He/She is charged with applying for university and community awards as well as organization donations requests.

Membership Director

The Membership Director shall be chief membership officer of the organization He/She will record attendance at Organization events/meetings, maintain all Organization correspondence and organize membership information. He/She will create and distribute membership packets and T-shirts.

Financial Director

The Financial Director shall be the chief financial officer of the Organization. The Financial Director shall be responsible for the receipt and distribution of funds of the Organization as approved by the Executive Board. They must ensure that the organization has a valid bank account at all times. The Financial Director is responsible for all tracking all bank account transactions, including receipts, depositing, and recording all monies. The Financial Director/Officer is responsible for the submission of the monthly fiscal reports and statements to the Executive Board and reports to the General Assembly. In addition, the Financial Director shall also be responsible for coordinating fundraising activities including the receipt, depositing, and recording of all monies. The Financial Director also has the ability to recruit BSO members to assist him/her with fulfilling their responsibilities to the Organization. The Financial Director will create a budget for all planned events with the input of the Executive Board based on existing account balances and sources of funding.


The Historian shall be the chief officer of all BSO media. He/ She will organize and post photos and posts to designated social media within 48 hours of event, create slideshows for events, archive and collect event print collateral (event handouts, flyers, etc.) and record attendance at events. The Historian shall assist the Public Relations Committee and Chair with content creation for Social Media and the BSO website.

Executive Assistant

The Executive Assistant shall assist with all organizational duties. The Executive Assistant shall be responsible for recording, maintaining, and distributing the minutes of all Executive Board meetings, as well as any special business meetings.  He/She will report to the Vice President and serve as the contact between Executive Board members, reminding members of executive board meetings. He/She must maintain knowledge about all e-board positions, roles, and responsibilities. He/She will manage the calendar (keeping the organization updated on special upcoming dates, and potential outreach opportunities). He/She will keep the rest of the Executive Board up –to- date on upcoming meetings and other Executive Board members’ attendance. He/She will attend special meetings as needed (e.g. International Council Meeting, Black History Month planning meeting).

Marketing Director

Marketing Director shall be the chair/leader of the Public Relations Committee. He/She will produce and distribute organization advertisements. He/She will be the key contact for media outlets. He/She will develop and order promotional items (pens, T-Shirts, etc.). The Marketing Director will focus on recruiting new members and shall report to the Vice President. He/She shall assist the Historian with content creation for Social Media and the website.

Community Involvement/Service Chair 

Community Involvement Chair shall be the chair/leader of the Community Involvement Committee. He/She shall coordinate community service activities for members, as well as maintain a record of community service events and member’s hours. He/She will coordinate the Organization’s donations, maintain records of donations, and maintain a record of collaboration efforts with non-profit organizations.

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